FBI ignores extensive, pervasive, Greylord-like corruption in the Circuit Court of Cook County

September 2, 2012

The Chicago FBI has no interest in obtaining evidence from citizens about government corruption, especially about corruption in the courts. This is revealed by the following email exchanges between Dr. Linda Shelton, a whistle-blower and victim of retaliation for her advocacy and Special Agent Royden R. Rice who represents herself as the public relations officer for the Chicago FBI.

In the following, Shelton gives links to two pending United States Supreme Court cases exposing corruption in the Cook County Circuit Court First Municipal Division, Criminal section and the Domestic Relation Division. The Chicago FBI and the U.S. Attorney have been ignoring and therefore condoning Greylord like and even worse corruption and lawlessness destroying children and honest individuals who care about this country and its government.

The following is a link to a third U.S. Supreme Court case being filed this week also exposing extensive and outrageous corruption in the Circuit Court of Cook County Criminal Division.





From: PICEPIL@aol.com [PICEPIL@aol.com] Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 5:09 PM To: Rice, Royden R. Subject: Request for response from FBI

Dear S/A Rice:

I am writing to ask you if the FBI has any official comment on my blog: https://chicagofbi.wordpress.com or on my blogs that document (with evidence) corruption among Chicago area police, Cook County Judges, Illinois and Cook County officials, as well as federal Marshals and judges: http://cookcountyjudges.wordpress.com, http://cookcountysheriffdeputies.wordpress.com , http://illinoiscorruption.blogspot.com , http://7thcircuitcourts.wordpress.com .

I  and our loosely associated network of whistle blowers, which is growing daily,  networking daily, gathering more and more evidence of systemic corruption in the  Cook County Circuit Court (criminal, probate, domestic, chancery, and law  divisions), now have evidence of multiple millions of dollars of felony funding  fraud perpetrated by government officials and police, systemic civil rights  violations by the  courts and the police, and cover-up of this by judges and  officials. This corruption apparently extends throughout the country in family  courts at least.

Many of our members have been sending evidence to the  FBI for years, have went and met with duty agents at your offices, etc., but we  have seen no concrete evidence that the Chicago FBI or FBI in general has used  any of this evidence or is going to seek indictments against persons committing massive felony fraud in obtaining funding from the government, or committing  extensive and pervasive civil rights violations.

When is the Assistant  Attorney General for Chicago going to meet with us face to face, instead of  having his paralegals blow us off?  We have repeatedly requested a meeting for  years! Are we to assume the lawlessness and corruption that we can document and  prove is going to be  consistently ignored by the federal police (FBI) who are  sworn to enforce federal law? This is your opportunity to prove to us that you  are doing  anything, but aiding and abetting this cover up.

Will you now  arrange a meeting?

Sincerely, Linda Lorincz Shelton, PhD, MC on  behalf of Illinois Corruption David Bambic on behalf of  govabuse.org

and many others


In a message dated 8/17/2012 10:17:44 A.M. Central Daylight Time, Royden.Rice@ic.fbi.gov writes:

Ms. Lorincz – I am not familiar with the specific allegations that you and your fellow bloggers have provided to our office so I cannot comment on their veracity or the status of any investigations which your information might have prompted.

I can assure you, however, that the investigation of public corruption is a top priority of the FBI, both locally and nationwide. I would also point to the seemingly never ending series or arrests and indictments of local public officials, which were the direct result of our investigations, as evidence of our commitment to address this problem.

Regards, SA Ross Rice Chicago FBI (312) 829-1199


From: PICEPIL@aol.com [mailto:PICEPIL@aol.com]

Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 11:40 AM

To: Rice, Royden R.

Subject: Re: Request for response from FBI

Dear SA Ross Rice

Thanks for responding, but I can assure you that public corruption in Illinois and especially Cook Co is NOT your priority.  Jim Thompson and former U.S. Atty Dan Webb own a law firm, Winston & Straum, that represented Gov Ryan for the sole purpose of making sure he was convicted so that the real head of corruption in Illinois, Jim Thompson, was not indicted. Dan  Webb, a FORMER US ATTY, is part of this corruption. You have to ask yourself, how many of his collaborators did he leave as middle managers in the Chicago Office that screen out evidence from getting to the top and getting investigated?

I know Dan Webb as I was the senior pediatric resident assigned to the child abuse section at La Rabida Children’s Hospital when his stepdaughter 20 yrs ago accused him of raping her and she was taken into protective custody and placed at La Rabida under my care.  [As you know, this was public record as he held a press conference. ] I was the doctor that stated that XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, I could not determine if he had actually raped her.  Therefore,  I am the doctor that essentially said there was insufficient evidence to indict him for rape.  Note, I did not prove him innocent.  I just proved there was insufficient evidence. I had meetings which included him and I didn’t like his character and I believe he will do anything in his best interest and for a buck. I don’t trust the man.

He probably doesn’t remember who I am, but 10 years ago he used his influence as a board member of Morgan Park Academy where my son was attending the school to have ME falsely accused of child abuse to shut me up for criticizing the school.  That act shows his true character.

Jim Thompson when he was Gov of IL for 16 yrs made a branch of the State Police his enforcers and harassers so that for example when the prominent African American newspaper in 2000 published an article about me exposing corruption, the State police officers went and hassled the reporter. The reporter called me and said this was standard practice!

The editor of the Daily Southtown, now the Southtown Star, Mr. Robough, told me that the machine told him not to publish anything about my civil rights suits or bad things about corrupt politicians regarding the evidence I had.

Middle managers in the FBI, the US Atty Ofc, the IL Atty Gen Ofc screen out evidence that could be used to indict corrupt officials and judges and keep it from the top officials.  They have had their positions through many administration back to Jim Thompson and are able to control things.

Several judges in the Federal Court including Holderman, Easterbook and Korcoras apparently are involved in this cover-up of corruption and illegal bar our members from filing suits by falsely stating our suits are “frivolous” and then sanctioning us without any due process hearing. This is an issue I am preparing to take to the U.S. Supreme Court.  We now have two cases docketed in the U.S. Supreme Court, including one of my cases 11-10814 which reveal serious corruption in the criminal courts and family courts (case by David Bambic).  I have attached both of our U.S. Supreme Court cases FYI.

Your staff has NEVER met with us to go over the evidence we have.

Just because you indict low-level players and paper cut-outs like George Ryan and Rod Blagojevic does NOT mean you are attacking corruption in Cook Co.  You are playing into the machine and only indicting those low-level players that the machine wants you to indict.

The machine is very adept at defaming the people like me, Maisha Hamilton, David Bambic, etc. etc who actually have evidence or corruption at the highest levels, with false statements about mental health and false criminal charges or false child abuse charges.  The syndicate used to just mow down people with machine guns who had evidence against them. I am old enough to remember one of those attacks where a man was filled full of bullet holes in broad daylight in a local store parking lot.  Now they destroy people and shut them up with defamation about mental health and false criminal charges.

Ask yourself how I could be arrest nearly 40 times in 10 years on various bogus criminal charges, mostly represented myself as a non-attorney and won almost all my cases, except for one false felony conviction for battery to an officer (“bumping” him with my wheelchair, when he actually attacked me, falsified his records and committed perjury and I can prove it, but the IL App. Crt blew it off! – I am taking this now to the U.S. Supreme Court also, as the IL S Crt despite me being indigent, severely disabled and on SSI, thus per the U.S. Supreme Court fees in the courts must be waived but the IL S Crt is refusing to waive filing fees!), and seven allegations of criminal contempt with 5 convictions of which three have been overturned already and the rest will be before the U.S. Supreme Court shortly.  If I really was a criminal and I am innocent of ALL charges, then they should have been able to convict me multiple times! Fortunately, I know how to defend myself, refuse to waive jury trial, and refuse to use attorneys who all cow tow to the corrupt judges and plea bargain even if people are innocent!

Until someone meets with us in a serious fashion and I suggest at my house as I am disabled and I have cabinets full of evidence and takes what we say seriously, you are just mouthpieces for the corrupt in your pat statement that because you have issued indictments, that you are attacking corruption in Illinois and Cook County.  I say “hogwash” to that statement.

The situation is much more serious and much more dire than in Greylord and your top officials won’t even hear about it because corrupt middle managers in your Chicago office make sure the information never gets to the top.

Therefore, we will continue to publish the evidence on the Internet and work hard to have an investigative national reporter expose this sad situation, especially the fact that the FBI and US Attorney refuse to meet with the people who have extensive evidence of corruption of government officials.

I am also attaching a 3rd U.S. Supreme Court pleading draft that will be filed soon that documents extreme corruption in the Cook Co Circuit Court Crim Division.

After you review these three U.S. Supreme  Court pleadings, I dare you to have the guts to tell me again that you are doing anything that will actually make a dent in the corruption in Cook County and Illinois!

You disgrace the FBI and U.S. Attorney by blowing us off and making such a pat and ignorant statement.

I am again asking for you to arrange a meeting between senior investigators at the FBI and US Attorney’s offices and myself and a group of our whistle blower network.

Most Sincerely,

Linda Lorincz Shelton, PhD, MD


Subject: RE: Request for response from FBI

Date: 8/17/2012 4:35:15 P.M. Central Daylight Time

To: picepil@aol.com

From: Royden.Rice@ic.fbi.gov

CC: Joan.Hyde@ic.fbi.gov

Ms Lorincz Shelton – Since you feel that I disgrace the FBI and I am ignorant, then I see no further need for you to correspond with me.

Please do not write me again.

SA Ross Rice

Chicago FBI

(312) 829-1199

Chicago FBI more concerned about executing fraudulent misdemeanor warrants than evidence of federal crimes by officials

June 30, 2012

The FBI in Chicago, on June 8, 2012, committed an incredible act of dereliction of duty in the name of supposed procedure, demonstrating a gross lack of leadership and purpose, ignoring some of the most intense evidence of judicial corruption since Graylord, handed to them on a silver platter.

Dr. Linda Shelton has been fraudulently arrested dozens of times on false charges in retaliation for her whistle blowing and gathering evidence against corrupt Illinois and Cook County officials, judges, and police.  She has mostly represented herself and so far won almost every case and is seeking to overturn the one conviction and several criminal contempt convictions (3 of which already have been overturned or dismissed). Read about these on Shelton’s blogs listed below.

She with a network of others has been posting this evidence on line, including evidence of felony crimes by IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan and evidence of felony and other criminal acts by judges and police.  They have documented extensive evidence of lawlessness in the courts in Cook County Illinois and are urging the public to join them in requesting action by the Department of Justice to investigate and seek federal supervision of the Cook County courts. The incompetence as well as malicious and purposeful violation of their oaths of office are highlighted on her blogs:






Working with a network of whistle blowers who have sent out thousands of FOIA requests to government agencies, after documenting gross incompetence and a cottage industry amounting to RICO operations by corrupt judges and court-appointed child representatives, guardian ad litems and psychological evaluators in the family court (Domestic Relations Division) over decades and amounting to tens of millions of dollars locally and billions nationally, getting involved with the network of 400,000 parents across the country rallying to stop this gross corruption and federal funding fraud regarding Social Security Title IV-D and other government money, including funding of the IL Medicare Fraud Control Unit, Shelton and her friend, David Bambic, IL Representative for govabuse.org, wanted to present some of this information to the FBI for investigation and prosecution of offenders (judges, attorneys, etc.). After he filed his recent Petition for Writ of Certiorari regarding these issues now pending in the U.S. Supreme Court here, he wanted to discuss this with the FBI and have it forwarded to the U.S. Attorney for investigation and prosecution of offenders who are  damaging the U.S. economy.

Bambic supports Shelton’s fight for justice and supported Shelton presenting her evidence of gross treason by judges in the criminal courts in Cook County where cviil rights and the Bill of Rights are routinely violated, especially against whistle blowers such as Shelton.  Judges are picked on the basis of their loyalty to the corrupt and ability to be manipulated by them, not for their competence. He supports her exposing this corruption on her web sites and encourages others to write government officials and ask for investigations of the Crook County Courts and cooperation with the network of whistle blowers to which she is connected.

Shelton has six pending misdemeanor criminal cases that are bogus and retaliatory for her blogs, her civil rights suits against corrupt judges, officials, and Sheriff staff, as well as her outspoken criticism of this corruption. You can read about them on her blogs noted above.  Also see her articles and court pleadings on scribd.com under the name “Dr Linda Shelton.”

Cook County Sheriff Dart and Cook County Court Clerk Dorothy Brown have committed the crime of contempt of court by refusing to answer Shelton’s subpoenas, for nearly a year, in her criminal cases for documentary evidence and names of witnesses.

Several judges have illegally charged her with contempt for telling the judges the truth that they had no jurisdiction or the charges were fraudulent. Recently Judge Peggy Chiampas has violated the ADA, endangering Shelton’s life, denied her right to compulsory process guaranteed  under the Sixth Amendment, and denied her right to a Speedy trial as guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment, in addition to violating her statutory right to substitution of judge for bias.

As Shelton was ordered by Chiampas to come to trial on May 29, 2012 but not allowed any witnesses and not allowed to have her right to a speedy trial, Shelton refused to come to court until she finished a Petition for Writ of Mandamus to the U.S. Supreme Court to order the Circuit Court of Cook County to follow the law and the Bill of Rights and enforce subpoenas as well as speedy trial rights and statute.  In addition, Shelton wanted to finish writing Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus, the highest right in the constitution, so that probable cause could be questioned and the criminal cases dismissed for lack of probable cause and other legitimate reasons, even before trial.

As Shelton during past unlawful incarcerations has been purposely denied access to pen and paper for up to five months and access to law library materials, she knew, once arrested for not showing up to trial she would not be able to write these documents or file them.  She knew that if she went to trial being unable to present her evidennce or witnesses she would be railroaded and fraudulently convicted.  She also felt that by filing her U.S. Supreme Court documents, the court would be pressured to follow the law and the press might pick up on the extreme degree of court and police corruption in Illinois and Crook County that they have been refusing to cover or document despite the numerous whistle blowers who have handed them evidence on a silver platter.

Therefore, Shelton waited until June 8, 2012 to surrender at the FBI building. She went there with Bambic to give them evidence of the above described extreme corruption by judges in Cook County in family courts, probate courts, and criminal court.  She felt that the FBI also might influence the Cook County Sheriff to give Shelton proper medical care for her severe chronic illnesses and not physicall abuse her as they have in the past.

However, when Shelton and Bambic went to the FBI on June 8, 2012, instead of listening to them first and reviewing the evidence and U.S. Supreme Court filings they had brought in, then letting Shelton surrender, they – after doing their initial background and warrant check that they do on all visitors to the FBI building – refused to let Shelton talk for more than a minute with the duty agent or Bambic talk for more than a minute or so and instead sent in a group of FBI agents into the room to tell Shelton “you have warrants to take care of first –  you have to come with us”, and turned Shelton over to the Chicago Police Department to process for arrest on the warrants.

They didn’t want the evidence from Shelton until “after she cleared up the warrants” and Bambic was so angry at the unprofessionalism that he didn’t stay to give his evidence.  It instead is on line and now before the U.S. Supreme Court (Bambic’s Petition here and Shelton’s Petition about corruption by Judge Chiampas here).

The FBI agents on duty didn’t even bother to give the Chicago Police who came to pick up Shelton (Swat team members because she as a disabled person is so “dangerous” and had multiple warrants – although fraudulent misdemeanors for falsely alleged trespass – only in courthouses, disorderly conduct – only in courthouses with no other witnesses but Sheriff officers, or battery  – only in courthouses with alleged bumping an officer with her walker – when actually the officers harassed and bumped her then made up the charges]).

This was a massive waste of a dozen FBI agents’ time and CPD swat team member’s time – they assumed that they needed a lot of force as Bambic, who accompanied Shelton and is trained to assist Shelton when she collapses or becomes ill, is a large man, ex-Marine, and very well trained in the martial arts.  Two female officers would have been sufficient I’m sure!  The FBI and CPD need more supervision in Chicago.

Write U.S.Attorney Eric Holder and tell him that you are appalled that they are not listening to Shelton and Bambic or the dozens of others in Chicago who have been coming to the FBI to give them evidence of corruption in the courts and in the Cook County Sheriff’s offices and the jail.  Tell them you are appalled that they have not arrested and prosecuted corrupt jail staff who they, in the FBI’s own report have documented murder of detainees by battery of correctional officers and amputation and physical harm as a result of unjustified excessive force and medical neglect.

Retaliation by child rep for lobbying legislature to change their pay ignored

October 29, 2011

The following is factual information that this investigative reporter has uncovered after interviews with persons connected with this case and after careful review of the court files.

In the 2009 divorce case between David Bambic and his wife, Catherine Wood, David has been wrongfully defamed and villified by the perjury and lies of Catherine, as well as by the misconduct of Judge Haracz and child representative David Wessel. David has been illegally denied the opportunity to present witnesses, present documents, and defend himself against the lies fabricated by Catherine and rubber stamped by Judge Haracz.

Catherine is a drug-addiction counselor at the American Indian Health Center of Chicago, who is also an addict who began beating her husband, in front  of their daughter XXXXXX, in her wild rages, along with who  has gone on wild spending sprees because she appears to suffer from borderline personality disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.  This OCD also causes Catherine to go on Freecycle, a web based site to give away property, and after her wild spending sprees to give away thousands of dollars of personal property, including during the divorce proceedings much of the personal possessions of David Bambic.  This boosts her self-esteem, to live above her means and view herself as wealthy and powerful. This is why during their marriage, Catherine repeatedly put down David who was a general contracter and expert tradesman in multiple trades, by stating she had a sdegree in social work and was from the “north side” and therefore was superior to David.  Catherine constantly manipulated David by threatening suicide daily during her marriage. David paid $80,000 towards her education and remortgaged their house, now which has been lost in foreclosure, in order to pay more than $120,000 in credit card bills incurred due to Catherine’s wild spending sprees.

David is from a large family, most of whom live in the Chicago area and has two healthy parents who are extensively involved with their grandchildren.  This divorce has illegally, unethically, and wrongfully cut off contact between the two children, 8 year old XXXXX and 13 year old XXXXXX and their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins on the paternal side.

When David no longer could tolerate Catherine’s excessive spending, daily suicidal threats, obsessive compulsive behavior with wild spending and then wild giving away of personal property, her manic possibly psychotic episodes where she physically hit him (he always backed off and never hit her), David sued for divorce. This was also AFTER Catherine told him that she had failed a drug test at work.

Apparently the American Indian Health Center of Chicago has failed to fire Catherine, probably because they need to use her on their appllication for federal funding.  This apparently could be considered felony federal funding fraud.  The FBI should be interested in this!

Then Catherine fabricated a story that there had been abuse throughout the marriage and the children were endangered and committed perjury in an affidavit in support of the request for an order of protection accusing David of heinous acts like telling the children he was going to inject the mother with HIV. Of note: Catherine started an HIV clinic at the American Indian Health Center – David has no access to HIV tainted blood and no experience in injecting anyone with anything – only Catherine has such access! The courts have used this hearsay statement by Catherine, fabricated by Catherine, which is inadmissable evidence as a reason to remove parental rights from David and order only supervised visits with his children.  There is NO EVIDENCE that these perjured statements by Catherine have any validity. They are purposeful lies used to manipulate the court and the court is engaged in gross misconduct for allowing them.

The child representative who by law must investigate the circumstances of the family has failed to recommend to the court that durg testing be required of Catherine and that the children be protected from her drug abuse until she is clean and has been treated for this drug addiction.  Her neighbor, a disabled woman who is on narcotics for chronic pain,who gave her a key so that Catherine could enter her  house in an emergency caught Catherine red-handed stealing narcotics.  She apparently didn’t turn her into authorities because Catherine threatened to kill herself and “take the kids with her” if her addiction was discovered and made her lose her job.

The dad, David, has NEVER had a legal due process hearig or trial and therefore Judge Haracz is making orders without basis, essentially rubber stamping the lies of Catherine and being manipulated by the intentional misconduct of the child representative, who is working with Catherine to extort money out of David. David is the victim of a false order of protection and is barred from seeing his kids for more than an hour supervised visit per week (by order of the supervision site – Dupage County Family Center – which only allowed 12 visits this year due to their policy of only providing short term supervision.)  The court had ordered two hours a week visits for David and his two daughters, but is failing to make any effort to ensure this happens.

David has seen his daughters for only 13 hours thus far this year.  Certainly this is NOT in the best interest of the children and reveals that Judge Haracz has failed to perform his duties as a judge, as well reveals that the child representative, David Wessel, is more concerning with gettig paid than with the best interests of the children.

The best interests of the children should include ordering Catherine to undergo drug testing and to give custody to David with supervised visits to Catherine. Keeping the kids in the custody of an addict is dangerous and an outrageous misconduct of the court and child representative.

How can David be dangerous when DCFS investigated and declared Catherine’s allegations UNFOUNDED?  How is he dangerous when he has high security clearance and works at a government facility where he is drug tested repeatedly and his mental condition is monitored. How can the court declare him dangerous because he is an ex-Marine and martial artist? He has not seen the kids for months at a time because the child rep fails to arrange visits. How can the IL Appellate Court affirm the trial court’s erroneous ruling that David loses custody and is dangerous while Catherine gets sole custody and isn’t even drug tested. This is an obscene ruling in violation of all the basic  principles of justice. Catherine’s testimony and hearsay about David, with no other evidence is legally insufficient to rule that David is dangerous and should lose custody, but that is what the Dishonorable Judge Haracz did!

Catherine Bambic is a danger to her children, the public, and her patients and the court REFUSES to drug test her and protect the children. Jaqueline Birnbaum, a prominent lawyer in the child rep community vowed to retaliate against David for his efforts at lobbying the legislature to change the child representative laws to force the reps to charge reasonable and not outrageous fees and to allow due process. Defense attorneys for murderers get paid $150 per hour by the court, but child representatives routinely are paid $300 to $1200 per hour (bundled fees of attorneys and their employees) and the parents are often asked to pay this. Social Security Title IV-D money is used to pay this if the parents can’t pay so the taxpayers are defrauded. This is how families are impoverished by divorce proceedings.

This is an illegal penalty on the exercise of constitutional rights (right to petition for redress of grievances – 1st amendment). This is violation of civil rights under color of law and conspiracy to violate civil rights under color of law (right to due process and enforcement of constitutional rights under 5th and 14th amendments). This is official misconduct, contempt of court (child rep David Wessel is violating court order to act in the best interest of the children.)

Where is the FBI?  Where is the U.S. Attorney?

We live in a totalitarian police state where the rule of law is IGNORED by the people who are  supposed to protect us!  Speak out – write letters. March in Occupy Chicago. Use civil disobedience to fill the courts and jail until the government intervenes!  Don’t take it anymore!


Go to the following links and write letters for David and to protect XXXXXX and XXXXXXX.

SEE THIS LINK: http://cookcountyjudges.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/family-court-judge-haracz-gives-kids-to-drug-addict-who-threatened-to-take-them-out-with-her-if-discovered-ex-marine-dad-frantic-to-protect-them/

Family Court Corruption cases that need FBI investigation

June 19, 2011


Please send me your links at picepil@aol.com. Give me addresses for your Congressmen, Senators, local FBI and US Attorney’s office, and to editors of your local newspapers. Let’s build a movement that puts pressure for change on our government! I will type in this information. You will provide me this information and write letters. Later we can organize more. This is a start. I will also put links to activist web sites on this topic as I am sent this information. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!

In Cook County Illinois send me information about cases before Judge Haracz, a notoriously bad family court judges who constantly blatantly violates the law and drags out cases, ultimately severely harming children and impoverishing families.

I am listing links to documentation of grotesque family court  corruption in Illinois primarily, but also from elsewhere. I call upon the FBI to investigate the judges, child representatives, attorneys, and all parties in these cases – particularly to follow the money where Title IV money is going in regards to these cases. Only when those that are abusing Title IV money are prosecuted, the judges that blatantly ignore statutes are prosecuted and removed from the bench, and when the legislature and Congress pass reforms to remove the incentives for Title IV money which corrupt the system, will reform in family court occur and the interests of the children will become a  priority.


Mother falsely accused of domestic violence, deprived of a home, husband who continuously smokes pot for decades protected by police, mother financially abused, best interest of children ignored, in Kane County IL:


Chicago area cases described briefly here.



Self-immolation after years of abuse, financial ruin, and destruction of children by courts, in New Hampshire:


Treason by IL Attorney General Madigan and 5 Judges

May 4, 2011

The Myth of American Justice – Part I – see link below:

The FBI has all this information and is refusing to do their job! The criminal conduct of these judges and Lisa Madigan is clear and the evidence is attached in a link to the following post. Apparently, the FBI covers-up for knowing criminal conduct of Lisa Madigan. They are not bothering to investigate. She gets away with illegally prosecuting whistle blowers that have knowledge of corrupt acts of officials and judges in Crook County are free to arrest and summarily sentence people without a trial to 16 months incarceration, outside the law and in violation of the constitution, U.S. Supreme Court holdings and state statutes that forbid it.  The Cook County Sheriff can deny access to law library materials and deny access to paper for months while a prisoner is illegally jailed and they have no recourse.

The constitution of the United States is dead!  We no longer have a right to due process. We no longer have a right to  be free of arrest and incarceration arbitrarily when there is no law against what we are charged with. There is no need to hold a trial. Just throw us in jail without trial, without a law making an act a crime. A judge can state anything’s a crime; they can legislate from the bench; make up a law and a sentence and there is no remedy. Habeas corpus no longer exists in Illinois. Rulings of the United States Supreme Court are meaningless and unenforceable. Judges in Crook County can decide any act is illegal and give any sentence without thought of law or higher courts; without thought of consequences.

Isn’t that the kind of thing that caused Americans to revolt against the British!!! Are we supposed to stand idly by in the face of this kind of totalitarianism, this oligarchy of corrupt officials?


Perjury by Sheriff Deputies ignored by FBI

April 9, 2011

The following blog post has unmistakeable evidence of perjury by Cook County Sheriff Deputies Rebecca Doran and Maureen Caliendo. This evidence was given to the FBI and they have done NOTHING! Everyone in Cook County is living in a totalitarian police state where corrupt police are  PROTECTED by the FBI!


FBI ignores massive fraud in obtaining grants

April 22, 2010



Melongo informed the FBI about this situation months ago. Chuck Goudie exposed it years ago. Where is the FBI and the U.S. Attorney on this one?

The modus operandi of the corrupt machine in Illinois is to place their trusted lieutenants in Asst Director or managerial positions and keep them there for decades. Then corruption can be covered-up most effectively.

Could it be that Asst. Directors and supervisors in the Chicago FBI office and US Attorney’s office have been selectively screening out complaints to protect the corrupt like Lisa Madigan, Dick Divine, Michael Sheahan, Anita Alvarez, Jim Thompson, John Daley, etc.?  Could they be targeting whistle blowers to falsely accuse them of being a nut or a criminal, thus discrediting them as witnesses and causing their complaints to be ignored? How long is the reach of the Chicago machine?

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