Family Court Corruption cases that need FBI investigation


Please send me your links at Give me addresses for your Congressmen, Senators, local FBI and US Attorney’s office, and to editors of your local newspapers. Let’s build a movement that puts pressure for change on our government! I will type in this information. You will provide me this information and write letters. Later we can organize more. This is a start. I will also put links to activist web sites on this topic as I am sent this information. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!

In Cook County Illinois send me information about cases before Judge Haracz, a notoriously bad family court judges who constantly blatantly violates the law and drags out cases, ultimately severely harming children and impoverishing families.

I am listing links to documentation of grotesque family court  corruption in Illinois primarily, but also from elsewhere. I call upon the FBI to investigate the judges, child representatives, attorneys, and all parties in these cases – particularly to follow the money where Title IV money is going in regards to these cases. Only when those that are abusing Title IV money are prosecuted, the judges that blatantly ignore statutes are prosecuted and removed from the bench, and when the legislature and Congress pass reforms to remove the incentives for Title IV money which corrupt the system, will reform in family court occur and the interests of the children will become a  priority.


Mother falsely accused of domestic violence, deprived of a home, husband who continuously smokes pot for decades protected by police, mother financially abused, best interest of children ignored, in Kane County IL:

Chicago area cases described briefly here.


Self-immolation after years of abuse, financial ruin, and destruction of children by courts, in New Hampshire:


12 Responses to Family Court Corruption cases that need FBI investigation

  1. very wiseguy says:

    I’ve live in chicago for years and move out, the corruption will never stop!!!baby it in the blood…..hollywood has star and NYC has the rich. But chicago was left behind, so they made these local gang banger and cityworker stars in a backwards town. Chicago people leave this town and find out things in the real world don’t work like this!!!law in order for what? it legal to be in a gang in chicago, it legal to steale if you have clout in the city and thats all I tell people about the place…unsloved murders….so what who cares their Kids are getting shot in the street no problem well raise your taxes..missing people so what!!!I just hope they voted before they left the city. Alot of people make big money and the word is don’t rock the boat.


  2. I am a mother of three children. My third son was born with father unlisted on birth certificate. My sons grandma never proven was given custody of my son. I have my other two. The Judge of Family Court is giving orders based on false allogations. Ethan Dwight has been out of his home since October 2010. He was placed back in my home by cps in JUDGE kellys court. The cps kept presenting false allegations. The grandmother and father were investigated for abuse and neglect. Acircuit Judge Kaufman gave me back full custody. Two days after my family was rejoined, the cps and Charleston Police Department came without orders and took my kids to my dads. I can be investigated, I am without my sons due to false allegations and Judg e Webster and Judge Kellys orderes. Judge Kelly fits the description of the Judge that does not go by the law stutures, and destroys children and familys.The first allegations made was by Delores Holmes(grandmother),that I didnt bath,feed, or cloth my son. None three children have never been this way. Delores lied and said I attacted her. She took her fist to me for no reason at their house and I left and called the law. They brought me Ethan home,but said my word against hers. Then the law called cps and said I wasnt watching Ethan, he was right in the yard. Family Court Judge made me go to Parenting class, make up a agreement on time and visitation,and made my daughter Rikayla,and my son Ricky meet at the ywca every wed to see Ethan like I was some kind of child-abuser.This Court has done what they wanted. I have never been found guilty of one of their allegations. They want to use my mental illness(bi-polar).Now its back in Family Court and the cps alleges that I havent followed up or treated my mental illness,and says theres a past of substance abuse. I have had a doctor and have been taking meds,and I dont have one thing ever in my past with cps to due with substanve abuse. I even went to the Parc east building and got evaluated before and they came to the conclusion Abuse treatment doesnt fit me. But without investigation Judes Webster and Kelly ordered Substane abuse treatment, someone come into my home to check my meds and monitor my mental health for another 6 mths before getting Ethan Dwight back. They havent even fooled with visitation. Dwight hasnt been in my home but once since the Thursday before xmas. How can they destroy my family this way? Im a single mom but I did everything from church to girlscouts vacations etc I did more and gave more effort due to my love and ability to do so. Brian Escue Ethan guardiem at item jerked custody papers out of my hands in the Municipal Building,if this tells you what Im dealing with. the abuse and neglect and lack of supervision that has went on in their household is enough to never allow Delores or Brian alone with Ethan. To beat all, in one of the court orders, it sais that Brian was a drug-abuser and alcoholic,but it didnt effent his parenting skills. The cps worker even saw pills in his nose and 15 other issues. Theres alot more to this case,but my minds made, I;ve got to get someone involved because this case is not within the laws statutes. And for God sake how long can they carry a case on. How can a court give custody to another woman without the mother being unfit or not guilty of any kind of neglect or abuse and was granted her other two kids. My minds made, I’m not going to let the cps back into my home. And the order made, I signed a release of info to the cps,who Lied to begin with. I went to the Parc east and got 3 release of info. I;m going to send one to Brian Escue, Judge kelly, and the cps. I;m going to the court house todayme type of visitation,and Im going to put in for another hearing. If Judge Kelly says cps Im telling him Im not going for supervised visitation again I havent done anything. Every day is like hell on earth knowing what that court put my son back into. My daughter has developed mental illness and my son is adhd. Theres a void that cant be filled. I believe the court is doing all this on purpose,what will the charge be after 6mths? No way I’ll follow this order. I already been made to look like a childabuser,now they want me to look like drugattic and a mentally imcompetent nut.This of would justify their actions and call in the court room that has been made. If I needed or thought these services fit me, then I would do it for the kids, but as far as Im concerned, Im done. This case needs to be investigated due to the fact,the parties involved, the allegations made, their doing what they want to do with me. If this isnt solved something bad is going to happen Dena Burdette Bowles


    • Linda Shelton says:

      Unfortunately, your case is typical of what is happening in thousands of cases. The judges are ignoring the law by acting on unverified hearsay, denying you due process to prove the allegations wrong, and the kids end up being mentally damaged with their family destroyed. We are fighting this in the Illiois Supreme Court right now and are hoping for a ruling soon. We plan to take this further to the Federal Courts for remedy as Illinois Family Courts are so consistently corrupt. We will pray for you. Hopefully, within a year or two this issue of baseless removal of children from their parents, baseless ordering supervised visits, denial of civil rights including due process and the liberty interest to raise a child will be exposed and addressed. Thank you for letting me post your story on my blog. Please keep us informed.

      If you want to write a 383 Motion for Supervisory Order to the Illinois Supreme Court please see an example here:

      A 383 motion requires that you tell the court you have no direct appeal way of addressing the issues. You can appeael any order post-divorce trial within 30 days of the order being issued by filing a Notice of Appeal with the local court clerk who will transmit it to the Illinois Appellate Court.

      The Illinois Supreme Court Rules that govern appeal procedure can be found here:

      Read Rule 383 and all rules it refers to. With a 383 if you are from the Chicago area, you must file an original and five copies of the 383 motion with the Illinois Supreme Court Clerk on 20th floor of the Bilandic building on LaSalle, across from the Thompson Center and mail a copy to the four judges outside of the Chicago area. The fee is $25 to file.

      Appeal rules are complicated and you must follow them exactly including leaving a 1 1/2 inch margin on the left or the papers will be rejected. It costs usually at least $10,000 to $20,000 for an appeal attorney to write an appeal. This is prohibitive to most people and that is why many people do this pro se (self represented). However, the technical hurdles are so great that most people who try this fail even to get their appeal accepted by the clerk because it violates a Supreme Court Rule.

      Good luck! Know you are NOT alone!


  3. wade henry says:

    Remember that you are not alone and even if the state or united states government fails to remember their oaths,that they will be held accountable just like we the people,of which they are apparently not one of us or they would make children and family law work correctly and not simply use it for a wedge and campaign issue.My suggestion is to call repeatedly all three branches of government very carefully yet sternly and repeatedly.When they send goons to you call the various enforcement and investigatory realms of government and describe the scenerio.One way or another we all need to see the same standard of accountability from our state governments as they require of us! If you are involved with drugs or other things please do not attempt this stratedgy,as it requires intense focus or you will do and or say things that will make your circumstances worse! With that said If you understand the strtegy you can contribute great strength to tranparency and accoutability in our country,however this will only be effective if our court system truly wants justice and or foward momentem for fair outcomes in the future.Intrestingly enough this stratedgy is also the cornerstone to identifying the collusive players involved in allowing the courts and family law to treat people like rotten meat,if only the inteligence community can begin to remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The state of NH is attempting to address this issue thru the state legislature so I would suggest that you start by learning what is going on here and then perhaps you can understand the aformentioned stratedgy more clearly.Whatever you can do remember two things as we all must,first as a parent you are not alone in having a difficult time to make things work for your kids future,and second,God does not like ugly.Theese games will come to an end shortly either by the work of the American people or by the wrath of the American conscience and or our creator directly


  4. My kids grandmother live in cook county il she try to get my kids out of foster care the worker told her a lot of lies the worker treated my kids grandmother very bad the worker was only at my kids grandmother home only to do a home study for the placement for her grandchildren I would like for everyone to know I’m exposing kemetko for not doing there job I would like for everyone to know I’m trying to start up a wrongfully adoption organization I need a lot of help / support we have to all come together in all states LET’S STOP CPS I would like for anyone to send me a e-mail


  5. Kelly says:

    I am a survivor who now the system cracks and due to my daughter’s fathers having motherin law in the da s office its not so funny when its my child wellbeing they say is the main goal but in the first month of the accused and tried found guilty abuser,battery even on his otherex wife well on police officer ,and asult ,as well felony dui with embody harm he is able to go to court and go from supervised visits to five days overnights and I dont do anything inlife to take away my file sole custady and they give him 5050 my daughter for the past two years been forced to go left to cry to sleep begging to come home and forced to be in doing what I know isn’t inthe best for my daughter in turn I have the sense of by doing what the I let my daughter down by not preventing but enabling he ad well had had two accidents one resulting in brain damage to the right frontal lobe.I need the courts of san loud Obispo to fallow the law and not allow this to be happening if every thing was by the. Law then justice could be served but thereneeds to be someone who comes and investigates please help save my child before u can’t prevent


  6. I am that I am says:

    Please let me explain what is actually going on in the family court. The court is presuming you are incompotent, dead, and have abandoned your child from it’s birth. By having a child at a hospital the doctor claimed to have found the infant and the infant is of unknown parentage and when you “registered” your child’s birth you gave it up to the state, which then created an estate by issuing a certificate of birth (a certificate of existence for a regitered organization) thus giving control of your child’s estate to the “state”. the family court is administrating the estate of your child.
    You must rebut the presumptions.
    I am also fighting the family court and i have accomplished alot in the last few months. I even got the judge to say on the record that he did not have jurisdiction. but social services still will not return my children. The U.S. inc. a corporation has put your childrens estates as collateral. I even had an attorney tell me that it is a Uniform commercial Code action. when I started approaching it as a commercial action…… well lets just say the attorneys for the cabinet havent showed up the last 2 times in court and the judge even called them and told them they better be at the next hearing on monday. hopefully i get my order for relief.
    It is a deep subject but i will be short as i can….
    1. You must assume your rightful role as Executor of your family’s Estates.
    2. You must notify the court that you are alive and of known parentage.
    3 You must claim your child as yours and recognize them as your legitimate children.
    4. Demand to see any and all contracts…chances are the cabinet is claiming to be a creditor of your child’s estate, especially if you have received any govt. benefits.
    5. agree to settle all debts and legitimate claims against your estates.
    6. challenge jurisdiction and demand all names and citizenships of all participants in the proceedings.
    7. demand to know who the real party in interest is and the real party in fact.
    8. know who you are.
    I am the Executor of my son and daughters estates and where is the courts authority from my office to administrate my son and daughters estates.( damn did it get quiet in court when i said this.)
    even the bailiffs gave me the thumbs up. you would have thought i just hit a walkoff homerun in game 7 of the world series. The judge smiled real big and the attorney ran out of the court and havnt seen him since.

    so i hope to have my son and daughters back on monday. but remember criminals will act criminally.

    see KRS 213.051(contents of birth certificate)
    see UCC art. 9-307 (h)
    see cestui que vie act of 1666 and 1707
    research birth certificate on youtube and the above.
    see carl miller and the constitution on you tube

    like i said it is a deep subject.
    if i should win on monday i will be sure to provide all material to which i have entered into the court.

    and thanks to my brother jesus christ for the knowledge of his teachings.
    and i am sorry ladies,,, when you married your husband he became the executor of your estate, however if he is unable to perform his duties as executor you may assume the office and become the EXECUTRIX.

    remember you are in a probate court which is part of the Admiralty division of the high courts of justice. you have been declared dead and beyond the seas. operating a govt agency as an agent and you never claimed your “person” (estate)
    think im crazy? ask the court to enter a finding that you are alive and see how quiet it gets.

    you were born into sin, the wages of sin is death, you can only be saved by seeking the way the truth and the life, be born again, and have your “name” written in the “book” of life.


  7. Tom Finley says:

    I’ve written this song about the nightmare my daughter and I suffered at the Cook County family courts.


    • Linda Shelton says:

      I will share it on my web sites. I pray for you and your daughter. American justice is a myth. The children are profit centers for court appointed attorneys and counselors and the federal money the courts get for falsely vilifying one parent in order to supervise them and de facto terminate their parental rights, turning them into a cash cow, funds the courts and judges’ pensions. Little does the public know about this racketeering scheme. The money in the Violence Against Women’s Act is misused in this manner. Instead of preserving children’s minds, they destroy them. Instead of preserving the parents finances, they steal them for the court system and their whores.


  8. Krista says:

    Very nice post. I certainly appreciate this site.


  9. Ron says:

    Totally correct, we have a judge and an attorney in my state of Kentucky, that have destroyed both family and most importantly the child’s well being. It’s an on going thing, not a secret to anyone, how this lawyer and judge seem to always win every case. My son’s lawyer and second lawyer told us that it’s really a no win situation with those two. One lawyer even told us that the judge has had more appeals against him than any other judge in Kentucky. Hopefully people of our county have had enough, I am bringing it to the attention of the media, FBI or whoever will listen. Not only my case, but plenty of wrong doing on a number, and I mean a whole lot of cases, that have destroyed many families over a lot of years!


  10. Dionne says:

    True story! Your comment was well received. Thank you and good luck. It’s an up hill battle but every little bit does count.


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