Retaliation by child rep for lobbying legislature to change their pay ignored

October 29, 2011

The following is factual information that this investigative reporter has uncovered after interviews with persons connected with this case and after careful review of the court files.

In the 2009 divorce case between David Bambic and his wife, Catherine Wood, David has been wrongfully defamed and villified by the perjury and lies of Catherine, as well as by the misconduct of Judge Haracz and child representative David Wessel. David has been illegally denied the opportunity to present witnesses, present documents, and defend himself against the lies fabricated by Catherine and rubber stamped by Judge Haracz.

Catherine is a drug-addiction counselor at the American Indian Health Center of Chicago, who is also an addict who began beating her husband, in front  of their daughter XXXXXX, in her wild rages, along with who  has gone on wild spending sprees because she appears to suffer from borderline personality disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.  This OCD also causes Catherine to go on Freecycle, a web based site to give away property, and after her wild spending sprees to give away thousands of dollars of personal property, including during the divorce proceedings much of the personal possessions of David Bambic.  This boosts her self-esteem, to live above her means and view herself as wealthy and powerful. This is why during their marriage, Catherine repeatedly put down David who was a general contracter and expert tradesman in multiple trades, by stating she had a sdegree in social work and was from the “north side” and therefore was superior to David.  Catherine constantly manipulated David by threatening suicide daily during her marriage. David paid $80,000 towards her education and remortgaged their house, now which has been lost in foreclosure, in order to pay more than $120,000 in credit card bills incurred due to Catherine’s wild spending sprees.

David is from a large family, most of whom live in the Chicago area and has two healthy parents who are extensively involved with their grandchildren.  This divorce has illegally, unethically, and wrongfully cut off contact between the two children, 8 year old XXXXX and 13 year old XXXXXX and their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins on the paternal side.

When David no longer could tolerate Catherine’s excessive spending, daily suicidal threats, obsessive compulsive behavior with wild spending and then wild giving away of personal property, her manic possibly psychotic episodes where she physically hit him (he always backed off and never hit her), David sued for divorce. This was also AFTER Catherine told him that she had failed a drug test at work.

Apparently the American Indian Health Center of Chicago has failed to fire Catherine, probably because they need to use her on their appllication for federal funding.  This apparently could be considered felony federal funding fraud.  The FBI should be interested in this!

Then Catherine fabricated a story that there had been abuse throughout the marriage and the children were endangered and committed perjury in an affidavit in support of the request for an order of protection accusing David of heinous acts like telling the children he was going to inject the mother with HIV. Of note: Catherine started an HIV clinic at the American Indian Health Center – David has no access to HIV tainted blood and no experience in injecting anyone with anything – only Catherine has such access! The courts have used this hearsay statement by Catherine, fabricated by Catherine, which is inadmissable evidence as a reason to remove parental rights from David and order only supervised visits with his children.  There is NO EVIDENCE that these perjured statements by Catherine have any validity. They are purposeful lies used to manipulate the court and the court is engaged in gross misconduct for allowing them.

The child representative who by law must investigate the circumstances of the family has failed to recommend to the court that durg testing be required of Catherine and that the children be protected from her drug abuse until she is clean and has been treated for this drug addiction.  Her neighbor, a disabled woman who is on narcotics for chronic pain,who gave her a key so that Catherine could enter her  house in an emergency caught Catherine red-handed stealing narcotics.  She apparently didn’t turn her into authorities because Catherine threatened to kill herself and “take the kids with her” if her addiction was discovered and made her lose her job.

The dad, David, has NEVER had a legal due process hearig or trial and therefore Judge Haracz is making orders without basis, essentially rubber stamping the lies of Catherine and being manipulated by the intentional misconduct of the child representative, who is working with Catherine to extort money out of David. David is the victim of a false order of protection and is barred from seeing his kids for more than an hour supervised visit per week (by order of the supervision site – Dupage County Family Center – which only allowed 12 visits this year due to their policy of only providing short term supervision.)  The court had ordered two hours a week visits for David and his two daughters, but is failing to make any effort to ensure this happens.

David has seen his daughters for only 13 hours thus far this year.  Certainly this is NOT in the best interest of the children and reveals that Judge Haracz has failed to perform his duties as a judge, as well reveals that the child representative, David Wessel, is more concerning with gettig paid than with the best interests of the children.

The best interests of the children should include ordering Catherine to undergo drug testing and to give custody to David with supervised visits to Catherine. Keeping the kids in the custody of an addict is dangerous and an outrageous misconduct of the court and child representative.

How can David be dangerous when DCFS investigated and declared Catherine’s allegations UNFOUNDED?  How is he dangerous when he has high security clearance and works at a government facility where he is drug tested repeatedly and his mental condition is monitored. How can the court declare him dangerous because he is an ex-Marine and martial artist? He has not seen the kids for months at a time because the child rep fails to arrange visits. How can the IL Appellate Court affirm the trial court’s erroneous ruling that David loses custody and is dangerous while Catherine gets sole custody and isn’t even drug tested. This is an obscene ruling in violation of all the basic  principles of justice. Catherine’s testimony and hearsay about David, with no other evidence is legally insufficient to rule that David is dangerous and should lose custody, but that is what the Dishonorable Judge Haracz did!

Catherine Bambic is a danger to her children, the public, and her patients and the court REFUSES to drug test her and protect the children. Jaqueline Birnbaum, a prominent lawyer in the child rep community vowed to retaliate against David for his efforts at lobbying the legislature to change the child representative laws to force the reps to charge reasonable and not outrageous fees and to allow due process. Defense attorneys for murderers get paid $150 per hour by the court, but child representatives routinely are paid $300 to $1200 per hour (bundled fees of attorneys and their employees) and the parents are often asked to pay this. Social Security Title IV-D money is used to pay this if the parents can’t pay so the taxpayers are defrauded. This is how families are impoverished by divorce proceedings.

This is an illegal penalty on the exercise of constitutional rights (right to petition for redress of grievances – 1st amendment). This is violation of civil rights under color of law and conspiracy to violate civil rights under color of law (right to due process and enforcement of constitutional rights under 5th and 14th amendments). This is official misconduct, contempt of court (child rep David Wessel is violating court order to act in the best interest of the children.)

Where is the FBI?  Where is the U.S. Attorney?

We live in a totalitarian police state where the rule of law is IGNORED by the people who are  supposed to protect us!  Speak out – write letters. March in Occupy Chicago. Use civil disobedience to fill the courts and jail until the government intervenes!  Don’t take it anymore!


Go to the following links and write letters for David and to protect XXXXXX and XXXXXXX.



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